OOTD: Fall Kimono

Happy Tuesday all! We’re ready to get this week started, mostly because it’s my birthday this week! It’s been a big year, full of changes. For those of you who don’t know, Josh is in the Navy and was on deployment most of last year. I moved here in December to meet him when he got back. Because of his job, Josh doesn’t always have a ‘regular’ schedule, but we have taken as much time as possible to explore San Diego County and the surrounding area.

I’ve always been really into fashion and makeup, but during my last year in college I started trying to experiment, be a bit more adventurous with my outfits and not just wear fitted tees and jeans every day (although I still wear jeans 90% of the time.) Living in downtown San Diego, we daily get to see all kinds of street style for inspiration. Its become a morning ritual, just really trying to make a conscious effort into my hair, makeup, and outfit.



During our last visit to LA, we wandered onto this really cool store called Buffalo Exchange. We later discovered that it’s a chain (in 19 states!), but it’s still pretty great. They sell gently used and sometimes completely new fashion for men and women. They carried and lot a really great designer brands at the best prices I’ve ever seen. When we got home, we did a quick Google search and found out that there was a location in Hillcrest, just a few miles from us.

I love shopping at thrift stores, because it’s a great way to find something unique and affordable than buying brand new in the store. However, a lot of thrift stores aren’t very well curated and fit/quality can be hit or miss. This is what I love about Buffalo Exchange, while you’re not going to get the prices for the rare treasure you can find at a Goodwill or Salvation Army, you’re much more likely to find some really great pieces and they are going to be in great shape and have much better fitting options.

Since the move to San Diego, I still haven’t had a chance to transition my wardrobe from Tennessee’s constantly hot/cold falls. So as part of my birthday (it somehow has become this multi-day thing) we made a trip up to Hillcrest to do a bit of clothes shopping to get through San Diego’s version of fall/winter.

This kimono is something that I fell in love with almost immediately. It gives you a bit of coverage, but is still super light, which makes it a great transitional piece for these fall days in sunny Southern California. (We’re lucky to drop into the 60’s at night.)

I tried to find some more info on this piece, but all I was able to find were ‘sold out’ links on Urban Outfitters, which seems to be where it was originally sold from. However, I did look at all the other clothes that Urban has from this company, Kimchi Blue, and it is all solid fall clothing that I would love to have in my closet.


For this look, I paired the Kimchi Blue Kimono with a Zara grey tank top and light blue 711 skinny jeans from Levi’s. To bring this look a bit more into the fall, I paired it with OFRA liquid lip Havana Nights from KathleenLights.



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  1. God, these fall days are SO confusing here in my country too… Chilly in the morning, then warm and then FREEZING at night!!! I love the kimono, great idea for this kind of weather!!


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