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It’s Friday, which mean’s its the WEEKEND!! Yesterday was my birthday and we went out for drinks at Noble Experiment. It’s a little (as in, seats about 20-30 people at most) speakeasy hidden behind a false keg wall in our favorite downtown beer spot Neighborhood. Noble Experiment is definitely a bit on the pricier side, but its a fun experience and the cocktails are delicious.

Last weekend, we took a day trip up to La Jolla Cove, which is about a 20 minute drive up from downtown San Diego. Anyone from the area will know this place, and if you are visiting the area, La Jolla should be at or near the top of your must do list.

La Jolla has a lot going for it: gorgeous ocean views, surfing, open water kayaking, tons of wildlife to see, as well as some really great food spots, both away from and right on the water. Its a great way to fill a day with exploring, or just making a quick trip up to kill a few hours. If you do want to get into so water sports while out there, please keep it legit and read up on where you can and can’t go, as several parts of the cove are protected ecological reserves and the 365-days-a-year lifeguards will bust you for disturbing the animals.


One of our favorite parts of La Jolla is checking out the wildlife, notably the seals and sea lions. These guys can be seen all over the place in this area and are actually protected by law, so please respect their naps. However, while touching is not allowed, we saw several seals letting people close enough to grab a selfie with them.

If you start from the south side of the cove, there’s about two miles worth of walkways along the cove where you can check out the wildlife and the views. After that, it becomes a bit beach-ier, but still very nice.


If you are interested in staying in the area, the are several hotels and you can always Airbnb as well. There’s tons to do in the immediate area beyond the cove, hiking in Torrey Pines, an art museum right by the water, plenty of shopping and food in La Jolla Village.



La Jolla Brewery

Shiku Sushi

The Marine Room


Bird Rock Coffee




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