OOTD: Navy Sweater & Booties

Hey there, how’s your week going so far? It’s been a pretty busy week for us over here. Lots of stuff to get done around the house, plus trying to work out on a regular basis (I’m not the workout type of person). As you may know we made a trip up to La Jolla last weekend, we shared lots of pictures of cute sea lions and the beautiful view. As we transition to winter here in Southern California (it drops ten degrees), we are trying to make the most of fall. It has both started to hit Josh and I that we miss those crisp fall evening that Tennessee has to offer. However, as it turns out Tennessee isn’t getting that weather either. It’s still over 70 there some days. Enough about the weather, lets talk about this fall look. I wear a lot of monochromatic clothes year around. This outfit is no different, a light sweater top and some jeans make the illusion of fall for me. During the fall and winter months I bring out more of the darker clothes in my closet.


This top I got from the sale section of JCrew Factory last year. About twice a year Josh and I will make a larger purchase from JCrew Factory. They always have great selection and you can get a $60 shirt for $15 or $20 most of the time. If you’re lucky maybe under $10, which is a steal if you ask me. JCrew Factory clothes aren’t made in the same manufacture as the JCrew clothes, but they still have that great quality of JCrew.  While you won’t be able to find this exact shirt anymore, the do have a very similar shirt for sale now. It just do not have the mesh sleeves my shirt has. For my jeans, I only on Levi jeans. I have found jeans that fit perfectly and I am sticking with it. These are the 535 Leggings which you won’t find too often in store, but they still have a few colors online. It should also be noted that these jeans were once black. They have just been wore and washed a bunch and now they are blue/black.


No outfit would be complete without my Kate Spade bag and Clark shoes. I got these shoes last year as a Christmas present for myself (Josh got a pair too!!) They took about two weeks of on and off wearing them with tall socks to break them in. I am so glad that I got them. I have been wearing them all year, they did take a bit of a break during the summer. It was short lived though. Theses are some of the most comfy shoes that I have ever owned and I’m looking forward to getting my second pair when the day comes.

PS. Those scratches on my arm are from the fierce play session that Norbert (our cat) and I have, where he attacks my arms on the daily for about two minutes solid.



While we both try to pretend we are in full fall swing for our clothing. I still dress for the 65-70 degree days that we are still having. Josh dress like its 50 degrees. Don’t worry I point it out and tell him every time we leave the house. But there’s nothing I can do about it at this point. Josh got this over shirt on trip to Buffalo Exchange, which we talked about in OOTD: Fall Kimono blog post. He’s been wearing it as much as he can. It makes the perfect layering shirt. It is also on the thicker side of button up which is great when you are dressing for those cooler days.

Josh paired this shirt with his Banana Republic khakis and Fossil 1954 white tennis shoes.



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