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Happy Friday! Even if you don’t have any plans (or if you have to work over the weekend like us), Friday is definitely the best day of the week. Or at least the second best.

One thing that always makes having to work on the weekends a bit better is pizza. After all, pizza makes everything better, right? While, if we have the time and motivation, we typically make our pizza, from the dough to the sauce, from scratch. Some days we just can’t muster the will to go all the way.

Our solution is to buy a higher end frozen pizza and throw some really good fresh ingredients on it. Typically we grab a cheese and put whatever fresh veggies we have laying around and some mozzarella or goat cheese.


When we first moved to San Diego, we discovered Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza Co. at the grocery store and it’s been our go-to frozen pizza since. They use really good, high quality toppings and the result is delicious. They have a pretty good variety of topping styles, but we typically fall back on the Bessie’s Revenge. Because cheese, am I right?


This particular pizza night, we added heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, black olives, jalapeños, oregano, salt and pepper. The box has simple directions (and their website has alternative cooking methods, such as grill or convection oven). For their cheese, Bessie’s Revenge, throw it in at 425F for 15-18 minutes. We discovered that if you’re adding extra toppings, you want to go for 18-20 minutes to ensure the center gets fully heated.


No pizza night is complete without a beer to go along with it. We paired our ‘za with Ninsaki Brewing‘s Dawn of the Red IPA that we picked up Halloween weekend. It’s delicious, Halloween-themed, and punny.

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