2016 Favorite Beauty Products

Makeup and beauty products have been a part of my life since I was in high school. I also enjoyed playing with new stuff, but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I took my love you beauty products to the next level. I started learning more about products and taking better care of my skin. Before this I wore mainly and solely eye products. Very rarely would I put on foundation, lipstick, or anything on my cheeks. Now the roles have switched. I’d rather throw on some CC cream, bronzer, and mascara.


This past year, makeup has started to take over more of my life. I spend many hours a week watching YouTubers talk about their favorite beauty products. As well as just trying out new looks on myself as often as I can. So I thought that I’d share what I reached for the  most in 2016.

First up, IT Cosmetics CC+, this is my hands down FAVORITE beauty product that I own. CC+ gives the perfect full coverage look. Not to mention it’s loaded with lots of goodies for the skin which is part of what helps my skin from breaking out so much. I went about three months without this products, bad choice on my behalf. The day after I started using this again I could tell a difference in my skin.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty eyeshadow palette, if you couldn’t tell already, I really do love this brand (and I own several of their products and swear by every single one of the them). This palette is great because you can make so many different looks from it. During the late summer I was living in red shadows over most of the eye (very 90’s I know). With such a wide range of tones you can use this palette for day and night makeup, which is just another added bonus. This is the first shadow palette that I bought (I used smaller palettes and singles mainly before) and it is great if you are just going to own one palette.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in trooper, my most common go to look is a basic eye, winged liner, bronzed cheeks, and a brighter lip. This eyeliner has lasted me most of the year and the tip hasn’t started to give at all. I have gone threw several liquid lips and this became my favorite this year. It’s SOOOO easy to use and you get the perfect wing every time. The eyeliner that I have now is definitely on it’s last leg, but it still works as good a the day that I got it.

Jaclyn Hill had a fabulous year if you as me. The collaboration that she did with Becca had a lot to do with it if you ask me. The Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection is my go to when I want that gorgeous glowing look. Toward the end of 2015 I started playing with highlighting a bit, before that I swore it off. I had heard so many great things about the Becca highlighters and was saving up for one, just waiting for the right time. Then the night of the Champagne Collection party, Jaclyn prelaunch her palette on snapchat. It was fate, and the Champagne Collection was now in my life. Boy, it was a game changer and I was highlighting every part of my face that I could. While I didn’t use the blushes as much as the highlighters all five the products in this palette are gorgeous and I’m so glad that I got it. Sadly, this palette was limited release and isn’t available any more. However you can buy the split pans which contain many of the products in the palette.

Finally, I had to include a skin care product. The Origins Clear Improvements has been my go to face mask this year. About the time summer hit, my skin started breaking out and wouldn’t quit. For the second half of the year I pretty much always had a breakout, but this guy helped clear a lot of the breakouts. I used this mask at least twice a week for the past several months and so glad that I did. You can read all about my favorite mask here. It really is a magic worker when it comes to clearing up those pesky spots that just don’t want to go away. Plus I got Josh hooked to 🙂

What have been some of your favorite products this past year?