Valentines Gift Guide for Him

Let’s face it. Guys can be hard to shop for.  Speaking for myself, I’m picky and I don’t like to ask people for what I want. In this guide, I tried to throw in a variety of categories and price points, so hopefully you can find something that the fella in your life can enjoy.

For The Sharp Dressed Man

First impressions are a big deal, even if you try to not make them one. Even before you’ve said a word to someone, they already unconsciously made assumption about the kind of person you are. While fashion is a very personal choice and everyone is free to make their own choices, they should definitely make deliberate decisions on how they present themselves. Myself, I think a guy (or gal even) can never go wrong with a good, well fitted suit. I’ve been digging this everyday suit from Taylor Stitch, The Telegraph Suit. It’s a super flexible piece that can be dressed up or down as needed and can be worn out to a nice dinner, to work, or just out for a walk.

Photo Credit: Taylor Stitch’s Website

Not a suit guy? Get’em a watch. Sure, we all have phones to tell time with nowadays, but a good watch will pull together any outfit and is a much more dignifed way of tracking the minutes than pulling your iPhone out constantly. I recommend this beauty from Timex and Todd Snyder.

For The Music Lover

Whether he listens to The Weeknd or Mozart, a good pair of headphones will make your guy’s tunes sound worlds better. While Beats have taken over the high-end headphone market (despite being terrible) , there are tons of options out there that are in similar price ranges or cheaper that are actually good. Sennheiser is a company that is known for high-fidelity audio, both in recording and in playback and makes headphones that are comfortable, good looking, and don’t sacrifice sound quality.

Photo Credit: Huckberry

For The Guy Who Loves Coffee

For many people, a morning cup of coffee is more than just a ritual, it’s a necessity. Upgrade your man’s caffiene game from Starbucks or Mr. Coffee and get him a pour over kit. Along with buying freshly roasted beans and grinding in small batches right before you brew, using a method of brewing besides your standard drip machine can really elevate your coffee from just a hot cup of caffeine that keeps you going to a true pleasure. There are too many tools and methods to brew coffee for me to go into here, but most coffee lovers would happily recommend a Hario V60. This kit gives you everything you need minus boiling water.

Photo Credit: Yz Soon Pinterest


For The Functional Guy

For the guy who’s happier working with his hands, he needs a solid, well-made place to keep all his tools, whatever they may be. Best Made Co. makes this guy, which is possibly the most attractive, well made toolbox I’ve ever seen.

Photo Credit: Best Made Co.

For The Chef D’Homme

Is your guy a wiz in the kitchen? If so, get him a gift the both of you can enjoy every weekend as he makes you delicious crepes (or pancakes, or omelets) in this gorgeous crepe pan.

Photo Credit: Bespoke Post

For The Whiskey Lover

While they don’t have a very practical purpose for whiskey, you cannot deny the aethestic appeal of pouring a glass of bourbon or scotch from a decanter. Ravenscroft makes this beautiful set that also comes with tumblers.

Photo Credit: Amazon

For The Guy Who Has Everything

My go to gift for just about anybody has to be books. Pretty much any time Christmas or birthdays or any other gift-giving occasion roles around, there’s a solid chance I’m going to give that person a book. It’s an intensely personal gift and can really show a large amount of care that you put in choosing and be a good gauge of how well you really know a person’s interests. While you can find just about any book online, I highly recommend checking out a local bookstore and supporting them if at all possible.

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