OOTD: Casual Weekday Attire

Happy Monday! Josh and I both have to wear uniforms to work (granted, his is a bit more elaborate than mine,) so we typically wear pretty laid back, comfortable clothing on the weekdays after work. I love dressing up, but still find myself going back to the tried and tested jeans and a tee 95% of the time.


Josh has been loving this new long sleeve black t-shirt he got from JCrew a weeks back. It’s light and goes well by itself with a pair of jeans or chinos, but also dresses up extremely well with a jacket and some slacks.


I got this shirt from Target almost four years ago, and it’s still going strong.  While many of the clothes from Target can be hit or miss (they either don’t wear well with time or the fit is just not quite right), this shirt, and others of similar style, have yet to fail me.

The Merona brand of clothing at Target has some of the best basics when on a budget. I’ve started to rebuild my wardrobe over the past few months, so basics have been what I been wearing the most of. I have been going through all my clothes and realized that most of the tops that I have are over three years old. So gradually this year with the changes of season I want to rebuild my closet and donate all the tops that I don’t find myself reaching for anymore.


Both of our jobs have been pretty busy recently, so we haven’t been doing too much during the week (hinse the slowdown of blog posts). One thing we do always make time for is a weekday trip to our favorite bar, Neighborhood. This first time we stepped into this place, we were in love. They have some great decor and an even better Happy Hour. We walk by this lovely greenery on our way there each time, and decided to snap some pics on the way for a pint.