May Ipsy Bag and Boxy Charm

One of my favorite parts of every month is receiving my Ipsy Bag and Boxy Charm box. I enjoying getting to play with new makeup that I may not of bought myself. This month did not disappoint.


Highlight & Contour Palette by IBY Beauty
I have not owned a contour palette prior to using this so I do not have too much to compare it too. However, I can tell that this is a great palette. The highlighter has some shimmer to it, which I like a lot. I’ve been using the the highlighter shades more as a way to set my concealer than as an actual highlighter, and it is great at that. Additionally, I have very fair skin, which can make it hard to find bronzers that look natural on me, but the bronzers in this palette work really well with fairer skin tones.

Liquid Glow by Temptu
I love this product SO much!! I’ve been adding this to my foundation (especially for summer months) to add a natural glow to my face. Once I’ve put on my foundation I add a little to the tops of my cheekbones as a liquid highlighter. The shade is on the edge of being too dark to be used as a highlighter for my skin tone, but it works with just a bit of extra blending.

Round Contour Bush by Crown Pro
I have been loving this brush as a foundation brush, rather than for contouring. It’s not necessarily designed for the same purpose, but I enjoy using this brush as much as a beauty blender. It seems like it would be a great contouring brush, but I love how it blends everything so nicely, that I would recommend it as an alternate to a beauty blender any day.

The Convertible Brow by The Brow Gal
This is a great little eyebrow palette that almost everyone can use. I have bangs so I don’t fill in my eyebrows too often, but I can appreciate a great eyebrow as much as the next person. I am a hardcore fan of the IT Cosmetics Brow Power (I received it in a Ipsy Bag over a year ago and have been using ever since). This is a solid brow powder that can stand up to the Brow Power.

Brow Brush by The Brow Gal
The brow brush is wonderful to apply the Convertible Brow with. The spoolie is fantastic!


Overall I’m ecstatic with everything that came in this month’s box, and I have been using most everyday that I’m applying makeup.


Charcoal Wash Off by Global Beauty Care
Some of my favorite face masks are Charcoal masks. My skin always looks better after using charcoal mask, and it one is no different. I use the Origins Clear Improvements every week, while this is no replacement for that mask. It is still a great mask!

Creamy Matte Lipstick by Mellow Cosmetics
The Creamy Matte Lipsticks is just as it says. When applying this lipstick is a bit on the stiff side, however once applied on the lips it is creamy. I have used creamier lipsticks such as Lorac or Rimmel. But it is still a creamy formula. I received the color nude, which is on the pinky/mauve side of nude lipsticks. I prefer because these more neutral lights over brown nudes, as the brown ones don’t look the best on me.

Afterglow in Sin by Urban Decay
I haven’t bought that many products from Urban Decay, but I have received lots of products from them in my Ipsy box. They never disappoint, and this is another hit by Urban Decay. I love a good highlighter, some days I just wear foundation, highlighter and mascara. This is be going into the rotation of highlighters that I use.

Grande Mascara by Grande Cosmetics
Another hit in this month’s bag. However I don’t think that I’ll be using it all that much. I have recently purchased the Better Than Sex Mascara and I’m in love with that. The Grande Mascara gives you a beautiful natural look, unlike the Better Than Sex which adds lots of volume. While I will be using this, just not as often as the other products that I have gotten this month.

Precision Angled Brush by Royal & Langnickel MODA
Every time I receive a new brush I get so excited. There is almost nothing I love more than getting a new makeup brush, especially eye shadow brush (less brush washing I have to do). This brush is great to use of a minimal eye look. This brush is a bit big for my small face, but I love it for when I just using two eyeshadows on my eyes.


Overall for this month’s Ipsy Bag, there wasn’t anything in particular that got me really excited, but they’re all solid products that I’ll get plenty of use out of. What did you guys get this month and what are you most excited to use?


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  1. I love the stuff! I agree with the brushes. I just love makeup brushes so much.
    I really want to subscribe to these.

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