Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Are you guys ready for Sunday. Here are some gift ideas great for every father. Dad’s are usually hard to shop for (I always ask my stepmom what Dad wants every year) and don’t always tell you what they want. So we’ve come up with a few items that a great for every Dad out there.

Father Gift Guide

Swell Bottle
Hydrating is important. Dad works hard (probably). Help him ditch the bottled waters and get him one of these “swell” bottles. Try to make that joke when you give it to him too. He’ll most likely appreciate it as much as one of these handsome, eco friendly bottles that keep hot stuff hot, and cold stuff cold.

Herschel Travel Kit
Has Dad been using the same travel bag for the past 20 years? I know my dad has. Herschel makes all kinds of great bags for men (and women), this travel kit can fit all of his needs for the next get away.

Bonavita Coffee Maker
Coffee brewing, fine tuned to a science. This beauty has a precision 1500 watt heater designed to brew joe at 195-205F every time. It has a wide-spread showerhead to ensure even extraction of all those tasty coffee flavors. It even has a nifty pre-infusion that allows your coffee to bloom.

Sound intimidating? It’s not, even the least tech savvy dad should be able to figure it out, since it only has one button. That, on top of it’s sleek, modern looks, makes this a winner for any java fiend. (Josh brews with this, after several broken Chemex.)

Harry’s Shave Set
Dad still shaving every morning with his old Gilette? Help him step up his morning routine with this classy, still low maintenance shave kit from Harry’s. Gone are the bright, neon colors of his old, overpriced razor blades.

This is attractive and practical, coming with a handle, a couple blade cartridges to get him started, some of Harry’s shaving cream, and some nifty accessories like a razor stand and a travel cover (super important to prevent bacterial build up on the blades, if he doesn’t change his blades out after traveling.)

Dad, and his face, will thank you.

Craft Beer Set
Craft Beer is everywhere! Why not take the home beer experience to the next level and enjoy sipping all those wonderful craft beers out of a great glass. This glass set has a glass for every type of beer: Pilsner, India Pale Ale, or a Wheat Ale.

Daniel Wellington Watch
Is Dad still rocking that sweet Casio you got for him like, 20 years ago for Father’s Day? Well, that’s all well and good, but maybe it’s time for an upgrade. DW makes some of the nicest, classiest watches this side of $500. In addition to looking gorgeous, this guy runs on a japanese quartz movement, which means it’ll stay accurate and Dad can stay on time.

Josh wears his pretty much everyday.

What are you guys getting your Dad’s this year?