June Ipsy Bag

I can’t believe that summer is here and the year is already almost half way over! Where has time gone. One thing to help with the fleeting time is getting my Ipsy Bag. Never fails to pick me up. This month I got some great stuff and am excited to share with you!


theBalm Balm Springs Blush
I don’t wear blush too often, but when I do it is a very subtle color. Which is just what this blush from the Balm is. I have received many products from The Balm in my past Ipsy bags and I always love them. This guy is no different and perfectly creamy and gives that great natural glow that I want in a blush.


Douuce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara
This is a great little mascara, and great for traveling. The wand is a bit different than your typical mascara which is nice to change it up. The wand has small bristles on one side which is great to get the lower lash line. This mascara is something that I have been reaching for when I do my “no makeup” makeup looks. I have very blonde eyelash. Which makes this guy is great to create that simple eye look that I crave on the daily basis.


Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash
This brand has been popping up everywhere on my Instagram feed and in YouTube videos that I watch. I remember getting some getting some eye products from about a year ago. It just wasn’t something that I reach for too often. Now they are everywhere! This face wash is a great one too!! I love getting face wash in my Ipsy bag because then I don’t have to buy them too often. The face wash lathers up and gets such a deep clean on my skin. This is great for balancing your skin too!


Hey Honey Detoxifying Mud Mask
This is another product that I discovered through Ipsy and is wonderful!! Over the past year I have become obessed with face mask. It may be a problem if there is such a thing. Charcoal/ Mud Masks have defiantly become my favorite type of mask to use since I’ve moved out to San Diego. (I’ve been struggling with acne that won’t seem to go away since we moved out here.) This is one that I would highly consider buying a full size of. However, its hard to stand up to the Origins Clear Improvements.


NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Fouette
If I had to pick a favorite makeup product, hands down it would be a lip product. You can change a makeup look so much with different lip colors. While I’m not crazy about NYX lip products, they are great for what they are. I own a handful of lip products from them but don’t reach for them too often because I enjoy my other products more. This is a great product, I’m just not crazy about the formula or this color. I’m just not that crazy about the whipped formula with this lip product.


And that’s what I got in my Ipsy bag this month. Overall I’m going to enjoy everything that I got and can’t wait to start using them more and more.

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