August Boxy Charm

I’m so excited for this month in my Boxy Charm. One reason I really love getting these is because the box itself is $21 but you get over $120 worth of product. This month did not disappoint, we got some products that I’m excited to start using and easily see them becoming part of my daily makeup routine. The product that I’m most excited for is the Tarte Eyeshadow Palette. I’ve been reaching for the same eye shadow product for a while now, so I’m excited to start changing up my eye looks a bit.


Moda Pro, 3-Piece Brush Set by Royal & Langnickel
I’ve said this so many times before, but makeup brushes are one of my all time favorite things to get in my subscription boxes. There are one of the things that you can never have too many of and get plenty of use. These are so great brush, so so soft. I’ve gotten a handful of other brushes by Royal & Langnickel, they quickly because the most reached for in my brush collection. These brushes are available until this Fall.

Gel Effect Nail Polish by Adesse
I’m don’t really ever wear nail polish anymore. I stopped wearing it as much during my last job because working in restaurants its against health code to have chipped nails, so I just doing my nails. However, on the off chance that I do paint my nails I do reach for the gel type polishes that I have because they do tend to last longer on the nails. So I will hold on to this, it just may not get that much use right now.

Pro Eyelashes by PUR Cosmetics
I’ve been blessed with nice full lashes, so I don’t wear/buy false lashes ever. However, during the holidays I do tend to pull out some falsies for those holiday parties. These are a great pair of lashes and I’m excited to use them, even if it’s not for a few months. Plus they are cruelty-free which is always a plus that I’m trying to lean more to in the makeup products that I’m using these days.

Face Paint by Aloette
When I comes to the makeup products that I use, blush is the one that I use the least. I have natural flushed cheeks, so I don’t like to add product on my cheeks because I always feel like it makes my cheeks look more flushed then they really are. I do like this isn’t just a blush because you can use it as a lip pigment too. I was playing with this product yesterday and I used it on my cheeks and lips, I was able to blend it out to add just a dab of color to my cheeks. I would recommend blending it out of the back of your hand first because the last thing you want to do is over apply product on you cheeks. Then you will get the over flushed look, which always terrifies me about blush.

Rainforest of the Sea: Volume II by Tarte
This is the product that I was most excited for in the box. Tarte is one of my favorite makeup brands. I have never had any of their eyeshadow palettes before and the colors that are in this palette are colors that I reach for the most. I love a good bronzed smokey eye. One thing that I really like about this palette is the eyeshadows are really packed, so you don’t get really any kick up. Which will makeup this a great palette to travel with because its less likely to break on you. The shadows are really easy to work and build-able.


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