August Bespoke Post

Josh has been subscribed to Bespoke Post for just over half a year now and I love the boxes just as much as he does. One thing I really like about this subscription box is that you get to pick out what you want every month and if you don’t see anything you like you can skip the month. Which makes it great for the price that you pay. You can purchase a one time box for $55 or become a member and pay $45 a month. This subscription box is geared towards men, but Josh tries to get the more unisex boxes every month so I get to use some of the products to!


YogaRat in Kyoto
We have been trying to do more at home work outs, yoga is something that we have been doing together for a while now. As of now we only have some cheap yoga mats the we got from Target three or four years ago that are starting to break in certain spots. So this new mat will be a great replacement mat for Josh.

The Yoga Man(ual)
We do most of our yoga from YouTube tutorials, so we are excited to try and put together our own workouts. I’m also looking forward to learning more poses. This book really breaks down everything about yoga that a beginner would want to know.

Yoga Towel
When Josh and I were first introduced to yoga, we started with Hot Yoga. Let me tell you how much this towel would have come in handy during those classes. Now that we have a simi-regular working routine, this towel will still com in handy. Maybe more for high intensity workouts than yoga.

Native Deodorant
I’ve been a fan of natural deodorant for close to four years now. Josh has yet to really try that many, do to the fact that he doesn’t want to smell of body odor in his work place. Which is something that you definitely don’t want. So I may steal this from him and I’m sure he won’t mind to much.

Post Session Salts
Neither one of us take baths very often. I forget that it’s an option so much because since I was in high school I’ve mainly had only showers. So I will probably be the one the use this more than Josh. However, it’s always great to have another bath option.