September Ipsy Bag

One of my favorite times of every month is when I get my Ipsy bag. I love make up quite a bit. I spend too much time sometimes just watching beauty video after video. I’m really excited about all the products that I received this month. Most of the time I’m never disappointed about what I get in each months bag.


Real Flower Cleansing Water by NEOGEN Dermalogy
Cleansing waters are a product that I use pretty much daily. Whether I’m taking off my makeup or just rinsing my face off in the morning. I love using cleaning waters. Because this product is made with flowers, it has a perfume smell to the product. Which I’m not the biggest fan of because I’m sensitive to the smells.  This product is supposed to help with killing off the acne bacteria off you skin. I’ve been battling acne since I moved to California.

Luxie Rose Gold Medium Angled Shadow by Luxie Beauty
I’ve said this time and time again, but Luxis brushes are some of my favorite items to get in my bags! I’ve gotten a hand full of these  brushes and I love every single one of them. They don’t disappoint, which is why I love them so much

Zero Gravity Volume Powder by Eva NYC
I don’t use volume powders for my hair ever. I had longer hair for the most part and I feel like these are a product that these are products that work better for shorter hair. But I will give this product a shot, and if I don’t use use it. I know that Josh will be able to use it because he uses products like this.

Beach Blush Duo in Peach Honey by Pixi by Petra
These are some beautiful products! I really enjoy everything that I’ve tried from Pixi. They are a great affordable product. I’m really enjoying the colors of these products. I have another blush duo from Pixi and when I first got it I used it pretty much everyday. I think that you would be able to get away with using both of these products as a highlighter because the blush color has some shimmer in it. Which I’m not the biggest fan of when I do use blush.

Photo Finish Radiance Primer by Smashbox
I’m been needing a new primer, so I’m excited that I got this in my bag this month. The primer that I’m using right now is the Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening which also has bit a of shimmer in the product for a little extra all over glow. Which I wasn’t crazy about when I first starting using it, but now I love that little extra glow so much. So I hope that this compares to the Prime Time.