Life Update: We’re moving to ITALY

Guys! It’s official and we can now share with you!!! WE ARE MOVING TO ITALY!!!  I can’t believe this is really happening. This is something that Josh and I have talked about for three years or so now. As you may know Josh is in the Navy, so we have taken orders to move to Italy for three years starting in late April.


Josh joined the Navy three years ago to get his student loans payed off. About a year into him being in the Navy, we started talking about if we would ever move overseas after San Diego. We never took a honeymoon after our wedding and decided that we would take his last 30 days and travel around Europe for a belated honeymoon. So after we starting toying with the idea of Josh reenlisting, we decided that he could get orders to Europe we would move. So we could have want we are referring to as an extent honeymoon and do all the traveling that we would have taken during our honeymoon. Space it out over the course of three years. Plus we will be able to see much more of Europe this way.

In July, Josh put in his top five places that he would want to reenlist for. This is how the Navy does their reenlistment and if you get picked up for one of the orders thats where you’re going. So Josh put in for a couple of places in England, a couple in Italy, and one in Spain. He got chosen for the the command in Naples, Italy and that’s where we are headed in the spring.

People keep asking me if I’m excited, and I am so excited. It still doesn’t feel like this is really happening. I’ve realized that I felt that same way before we moved to San Diego. I knew for over nine months that I was moving to San Diego before I moved. Therefore, there was lots of time to prepare. While we still have just love six months before we move to Italy, there so much stuff that we have to get ready for this move!

I’ve only traveled outside of the country once, when I was twelve, my family went to China for my uncle’s wedding. Josh has only travel outside of the country when we was on deployment two years ago. Neither one of us has been to Europe. Which is the main place that I have wanted to travel since I was in high school. We both studied art in college, so I’ve dreamt about going to visit every single art museum and seeing all the building that I studied in college. To be able to live in Europe for three years of live is a once in lifetime experience. I don’t know if I could put into words how I feel about being able to do this.

I already started a list of every place we want to travel while we are in Europe. Copenhagen, Greek Island, Paris, Berlin, London, Venice, The Almafi Coast (which we will be an hour away from), and St. Petersburg the list goes on. The research is in full swing over here making list after list for every thing that we are going to see in each city we visit.


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