September Boxycharm Box

After having a fairly lazy weekend, it’s very exciting to get my Boxycharm Box in! I always get so thrilling every month when this box comes in. They always curate such amazing stuff and this month did not disappoint. I spent a week wondering if they were able to get the boxes out this month because they are based out of The South and had to evacuate for the Hurricane. But it came in and I started playing with this makeup almost immediately. Plus this month we got six products which is an extra surprise, most of the time they come with five products.


Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette by PUR
One thing I love about Boxycharm is they give you full size eyeshadow palettes in their boxes a few times a year. Eyeshadows palettes aren’t something that I buy for myself very often. So I love it when they include these palettes because it gives me new eyeshadows to play with. I’m in love with this palette because I tend to wear brown tone eyeshadows most of the time. These are great shadows for everyday wear. You do have to build up the coverage a bit with each shadow. You can’t create a good amount of looks with this palette, it is probably going to become my most reached for this fall.

Eye Brow by MAC Cosmetics
GUYS, I was shocked when I saw there was a MAC Cosmetics product in a subscription box. I have never seen a MAC product in any subscription box ever! I’m also hoping that we start to see more MAC here and there in these boxes. I just want to say that this was prefect timing for this product. My IT Cosmetics Brow Power has about three more uses in it, then this guy came in. Oh my! I really love that this has such a small precision pencil. Plus the color matches me prefect too, which is just an added bonus. If I had to change one thing about this product I would make it a retractable pencil. PS, MAC is now being sold at Ulta Beauty, how exciting is that!

Ultra Satin Lip by Colourpop
Colourpop makes some of my favorite liquid lips and Boxycharm has been including Colourpop  pretty often over the past six months. Which I am not disappointed about. I received the color Strut which is a pink toned nude. I have been wearing more nude colors on my lips over the past two months. They will be my go for this fall and I’m excited to wear this color all fall long.

HD Powder by Studio Makeup
I love a good setting powder. As I’m approaching 27 my skin is starting to get a few of the smallest wrinkles around my eyes and smile line. So I’ve starting setting my concealer under my eyes and on  my smile lines a bit more when I’m doing my makeup. I really like this powder it blenders perfectly in your skin. I’ll have to use it a bit more to see how it stands up with the rest of my setting powders.

Brush Duo by Bodyography
I know that I say this every time I get brushes in these boxes. But you can never have to many makeup brushes. It mainly means that you can go longer without washing in-between uses. Which why I love getting brushes so often. I know there were supposed to be two brushes in this box. I’m not sure if I lost the shadow brush or if it didn’t get put in my box. Norbert (our cat) could of easily knocked it somewhere that I haven’t been able to find yet. I will still get plenty of use out of the angled brush, they are great for eyebrow powder, winged eyeliner, or the lower lash line. Which I will be using this brush for all three uses.

Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo
We don’t get hair products too often in Boxycharm. I’m so happy to see a product from Briogeo. I haven’t tried to many products from this line. But I have only heard good things from them. I am over due for a hair cut, however I always forget. So I just over use hair masks to try and bring back live into the roots of my hair. Which is exactly what I will be doing with this product. I can go another month with our getting my hair cut, right?


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