Top 6 Facial Oils, My Skincare Journey

Since moving to San Diego the one thing that I’ve struggled with is regular acne breakouts. I’ve always had the occasional breakout but the breakouts were never as bad since moving out to San Diego. I went through so many phases of trying to figure out what was causing these breakout. Was it the different weather from moving, the water, my skincare routine, my diet, there were so many things that I changed out in my routine and still couldn’t figure out what was causing my skin to breakout.

After figuring out that it wasn’t my diet that was causing my acne, I started to focus on my skincare routine. My skincare routine was toner, facial oil, and moisturizer. Sometimes I would use a skin essence or double up on facial oils. In the process of changing up my skincare for one week I stopped using moisturizer and I noticed that I didn’t get any new breakouts. Therefore I decided to skip moisturizer for a few more weeks and see what would happen. Ever since I stopped using moisturizer on my face I hasn’t broken out nearly at all. I do still get the hormonal breakout or breakouts when I don’t wash my face enough.

When I was a teenager through most of my time in college I didn’t use that many skincare products, if at all. I always just washed my face and that was that. Around the time I turned 24 I started using skincare more regularly, decided it was time to take better care of my skin. So I was trying different skincare products and using them more on a daily basis.

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Since I’ve stopped using moisturizer it has made a world of difference in my skin. I still have some red scarring, because I tend to pick at my skin. I know, I know, it’s terrible. I know that this routine isn’t some thing that will fix everyone’s acne, but I wanted to share what has worked for me. The pictures below where taken just over two months apart (I am wearing make in the later picture, but you can still tell a difference). The first picture was taken in June, the second taken in August. It’s been a journey and took me almost a year to figure out what was causing my breakouts.

For my current skincare I still use toner, right now I’m switching it up between Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton round and spraying Rosewater (which I spray through out the day on my face). Next I’ve been using a brightening serum to reduce the red spots. I follow up with Tea Tree Oil and an oil. I usually change up which facial oil I use daily so that my skin can get what it needs with out piling on product.

I am still trying to figure the best routine for my skin and I’m sure that I’ll continue for several years to come. However, what I’m using now seems to keeps from there being many breakouts. I am much happier where I am with my skin than I was five months ago. I feel more comfortable putting makeup on and not feeling like it’s going to clog my pores.


Tea Tree Oil | Whipped Argan Oil | Maracuja Oil | Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Rosehip Oil | Super Pure