Favorite 7 Lipsticks for Fall

It’s that time of year where the berry and red lips start to make an appearance. During Fall I love where darker tone lips and want to share some of my favorite lip colors that I have been reaching for the most this season. Lipsticks are hands down my favorite item in makeup, I own way to many but I can’t help myself.

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ciate diva | revlon certainly red

Red’s are my ultimate favorite lip color to wear, however I’ve fallen out of wearing so many red tones. Every time I wear a red lip I get told that I look like Taylor Swift, which I enjoy. After fours years of hearing in on an almost daily basis it got old. I do still very much so love all the red tones lips that I own, I just don’t reach for them as much as I did two years ago. I received the Ciate Diva from a Ipsy bag earlier this year and it enjoy it dearly. I don’t have another liquid lip in a true red and this is as trusty as ever. Revlon makes some of my favorite drug store lipsticks. They always wear well and have a great color pay off.

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milani matte flirty | rimmel by kate 107

Two of my favorite drugstore lipsticks are made by Milani and Rimmel by Kate. I own almost every color of the Rimmel by Kate collection. They are hard to beat, but Milani comes in a close second. Usually when I reach for a lipstick its one of these two brands. Every Fall some of my most worn lip colors are berry toned lips. There is just something so wonderful about a dark toned lip that I love! The berry tone colors go with so many makeup and outfit combos. The price point for these two brands is hard to beat as well.

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real her i will succeed | colourpop strut | ofra tuscany

Now for neutrals, this year has been a year for neutral toned lips. I almost always reached for a bright/ vibrate toned lip up until this year. I have fallen in love with a great neutral lip color. There are so many great options out there and every brand has such a wide selection of tones. I received the Real Her lip in a boxy charm toward the beginning of the year and this color is my prefect “your lips but better” shade. On days where I wear minimal makeup this is the color that I reach for. Colourpop makes some of my favorite- affordable liquid lips. They have such a wide selection of colors and they are all $6. The color Strut is a Ultra Satin lip which has a bit of a sheen finish to it which makes it not as drying as some other formulas. Now for this Ofra liquid lip, I was first introduced to Ofra from KathleenLights channel where I purchase Havana Nights and great dark berry lip. Since I purchase Havana Nights, I’ve fallen for more of Ofra’s makeup. I own a few colors from there lip line, they are wonderful and stay on most of the day. Which I love in a liquid lip.

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I just want to end this blog by sending some thoughts to Vegas. It’s hard to believe what happened, I don’t have many words about it. Here is a list of things we can all do to help the victims. It time to take action and end this world of violence that we live in.

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