Let’s Talk Glossier Cleanser


For the past year I have been on the hunt of the perfect skin care routine. Moving across the country didn’t settle well with my skin. After about six months of living in Southern California my skin starting breaking out, unlike my skin had ever before. So I’ve been experimenting with all types of skincare products. One thing that was really important was a great cleanser to breakdown my makeup and get a clean face at the end of everyday. I had heard so many great things about Glossier so I purchased the milky jelly cleanser. It does such a great job at breaking down all my makeup and not leaving to much behind. After cleaning I always finish off with some Micellar Water to get that last little bit. I love this product because you can use it wet or dry and does a great job either way you use it. I’ve stopped using moisturizers at the moment and this product doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, stripped down like some other face cleanser that I’ve used.


I already have a wish list of other Glossier products that I want to get, just waiting until I’m out of the products that I’m already using. They make some great skincare and makeup products. Some of the products on my wish list are the Boy Brow, The Super Pack Oils, Haloscope, Cloud Paints, and Wowder. Their products are great for those light makeup days, which I am a big fan of. Glossier does a great job with their products and loads them up with all things good for your skin.


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