Sunset at Point Loma


San Diego has such beautiful views, which Josh and I don’t take enough advantage of. Point Loma is one of those spots in San Diego where you can’t get a bad view any where you go. Whether you visit Sunset Cliffs or the light house, every sight is gorgeous. My mother was visiting for a couple of weeks, so we took full advantage and played tourist around this town. Which is always fun because we saw and visit many places that we don’t do too often because we get in our daily routine. Sunset Cliffs is great if you want to take a walk along the cliffs or venture down them to walk along the beach. It’s also one of the best places in the city to sit back and watch those beautiful San Diego Sunset we get so often. The lighthouse is great to see the Harbor and view downtown. They have the old lighthouse that you can tour and gift shop run the National Park Service.