Holiday Brews


With the Holidays, theres always lots of drinking involved. While we love a good cocktail (and have some recipes coming on the blog later this month) Josh and I always reach for a great craft beer over a cocktail. So we thought we’d share some of what we are gravitated towards this season. We have always been those people that are always trying new beers and rarely buy the same beer twice. Living in San Diego there are so many choices it’s easy to do, plus we want to enjoy the local breweries to San Diego before the big move.


21st Amendment Fireside Chat
21st’s Fireside Chat, like it’s namesake (President FDR’s Great Depression-era series of evening national addresses), is warm and comforting. It’s based off an English Brown Ale, but brewed with all kinds of winter spices. This is one delicious beer, so be careful, because it clocks in at around 8% ABV. 21st mostly distributes on the west coast, but if you want to try it, try checking out their “Find Some” tool on the brewery’s website.


Stone Enjoy By 12-25-17
Stone is a brewery that takes joy from doing things different, so of course they would release a Christmas IPA. Well, technically this is one of many “Enjoy By” IPAs that Stone releases throughout the year. If you love IPAs, you’ll love this unfiltered, super hazy one. If you don’t do IPAs, give it a sip, and if you don’t “Enjoy” it (see what I did there?), move on. Stone distribute’s this one across the continental US.


Anchor’s “Our Special Ale” Holiday Ale
For the past 42 years, Anchor Brewing up in San Francisco has been releasing a “Special Ale” during the holiday season (they usually run mid-November to late January). The beers, and the labels change each year, and if you get a chance to visit their brewery in SF, they have an exhibit displaying all of the labels in chronological order. But on to the beer! The Special Ale screams Christmas! This guy is dark, but not heavy, with lots of warm, toasted malts tones in it. There’s lots of complexity due to the spices and other stuff going on in it, but it’s also enjoyable by someone who isn’t a seasoned drinker of ales. This one should be easy to find pretty much anywhere stateside.


Campanology’s Every Time Buche De Noel Stout
This winter stout comes from Campanology, a brewery that we’ve never heard of that distributes out of Wisconsin. We discovered this guy at Trader Joe’s for around $5, so we decided to give it a try. It’s a very smooth stout, with lots of chocolate (it is brewed with cocoa nibs) and has a pretty sweet finish. This stout is definitely better than a lot of the cheaper heavy beers we had, but that sweetness would make it hard to have more than one. If you want to try this one, check out your local TJ’s.