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Happy Friday! Today we are sharing a gift guide for the home body! Josh and I have spent the better part of the year updating our home goods. Before we moved into this apartment we still had most of our hand-me-down furniture, which was great for getting us through college, but was mismatched and definitely worn down. Since then we have been updating slowly and curating our home style. I always have a long wish list of items that I want to buy for the apartment and thought I’d share whats at the top of my list.


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Maewoven African Mudcloth Pillow
I have had my eye on these pillows for several years now. I see them everywhere on the internet, I just haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. They come in so many styles and match most any style.

The Little Market Woven Bread Basket
You can never have too many baskets, (I learned this from my step-mom) this is a great basket to add to your kitchen counter or your next dinner party. Plus these baskets are hand made by women in Rwanda.

West Elm Cafe Trays
We don’t own any serving trays and it’s something that I’d wanted to get for the apartment for while now. These are great to take drinks from room to room or to style on your coffee table. I love the gold detail on the side of these trays.

Woolrich Rough Rider
These are super durable blankets that keep you warm in any climate. Josh has a Woolwich blanket that he uses on the ship and loves it. They come in a ton of really great, timeless styles and, if taken care of, will be something your grandkids can cozy up under.

Sonos Player1
Josh is a fairly tech-y guy, and  we typically look at a lot of home audio systems. This is one of the best on the market right now, especially for ease of setup and use. They also sound great! You can control it from you phone and set them up all over you house (my parents have on in pretty much every room and love them).

CB2 Yuzo Basket
This is a great living room pillow and blanket catch-all basket. As someone that likes to change out the pillows and blankets simi-regularly this is great to keep what you aren’t currently using off in the corner.

Ovalware Cold Brew System
We just ordered this guy and are patiently waiting for it to be delivered. I am a die-hard cold coffee drinker and used to have an espresso machine that saw a little too much love and worked itself to death. Since then, we have been on the hunt for a new system that I can make a good cup of joe and will last. This one seems to fit!

Byredo Bohemia Candle
You can never go wrong with a candle. I’ve been come a little candle obsessed this holiday season, I built up quite the collection for this holiday season. These are great boutique candles that are great for every season.

The Little Market Glass Pitcher
These beautiful glassware is handmade by artisans in Mexican, many of whom have disabilities. This is great for all those holiday punches and such that we all consume, but will carry over into the spring and summer seasons as well for a cold refreshing porch sipping beverage.

West Elm Mid-Century Planter
Being the plant obsessed person that I am, this planter is at the top of my list and has been for a while. We are pretty into 50’s and 60’s mid century style and  this planter is a perfect home for that fiddle leaf fig or cactus you’ve been eyeballing for a bit too long.


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