A Week in Links: 04


Happy Sunday, two more weekend till Christmas!! It’s crazy to think that we are this close the end of the year. There’s still so much to get done before Christmas, we still have all of our family holiday presents to buy (we should get on that). This weekend we have been taking it easy, this evening we are going to be watching holiday movies and sipping on homemade Glogg!


1. Did you see yesterdays post, Date Night for the Holidays we shared what our holiday check list of activities.

2. If you have been following along on Net Neutrality, you may know the House has a bill up and we all need to take action and stop this bill. John Oliver set up a easy way to find the link- www.gofccyouself.com

3. Still looking for so inspiration on some home decor, here’s some great images.

4. Madewell launched a collaboration with Milk Bar and they have some of cutest T-Shirts.

5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

6. Josh and I have gotten back in the routine of working out, we try to do yoga about three times a week in-between work outs at the gym. Here’s a great way to release tight shoulders (which I very much have).

7. Kim Kardashian and Laverne Cox released a teaser for their new slow Glam Masters, which has the same layout as Project Runway.

8. In the mood for a new read, Planet eBook has a list of public domain books for your eReader for FREE. So you catch up on all the classics.

9. Ikea and Sonos partnered up for a home sound system, while they haven’t released what’s in the works we all know it will be amazing.

10. The Atlantic released their Year in Photos for 2017, there are some beautiful photographs in this collection.