Week in Links: 05


Hi everyone! It’s been one whirlwind of a week for us, between the holidays and all of the craziness in the news. With Christmas coming up just around the corner, be safe in all of your travels! Here’s some of our favorites this week across the web!

1. Did you catch our Gift Guide for Her & Him this week?

2. Josh and I use Countable App to keep in contact with our State Representative and Senators, this how many bills are on the floor right now its a great way to state up to date with what’s happening in our country.

3. You will soon be able to get your groceries delivered from Target!

4. As we get ready for the holidays this week, here’s come great healthy appetizers that everyone will love.

5. Amazon silently launched a plant shop and most everything is under $30, yep you read that right $30!

6. Did you catch Instagram’s new Stories Highlight feature that was released this week.

7.  Nordstrom Rack has a flash sale for their Adidas collection.

8. Do you have a vegan in your life, heres 22 recipes to try out for Christmas Cookies.

9. Here’s a reminder that with the end of the year nearing it’s a great time to clean up your computers hard drive.

10. Planning your New Years Eve plans yet, these are some great makeup ideas to consider.