December Boxy Charm


We have less than a week before Christmas, which is crazy to think about. Josh and I have most of our holiday list done. Just one or two more things to pick up. We are going back home to Tennessee for the New Year and I’m excited to spend time with my sister and family, who we don’t get to see to often. Anyways, I have some mixed feeling about this months Boxy Charm. I have always loved them but not so much this month.


Blush Kit by Real Her
All of the these blushes are loaded with simmer, the middle doesn’t has as much. I am not a fan of simmer in my blushes. Which is why I’m not crazy about this product. I have gotten lip products by Real Her before, however I haven’t tried any of their face products. After trying these blushes I’m not sure that I will try any of there face products. It’s hard to get a good color pay off from this product.

Pro Concealer Palette by Bellapierre
I don’t usually use color correcting products too often. When I do, I reach for the green toned products more to combat the dark spots on my cheeks. I’m not super impressed by this product. I have a Wet n’ Wild color correcting palette and that works just as well, maybe even a little better then this product. The Concealer Palette works to cover up the light spots I have on my face but doesn’t work well for the darker spots. (PS, this has a 1 star review on their website.)

My Lips are Sealed Liquid Lipstick by Pretty Vulgar
I’ve not tried anything from Pretty Vulgar before, I do know they are a new company. When I first used this I expected it to dry down. This is a creme product similar to any tube lipstick that you pick up. I’m also not crazy about this being a metallic lip color as well. I never got into this trend, I will hold on to this lip color. However, I won’t be using it on its on. I may play around a see if I can mix it with other lips and use it as a lip topper.

Tarteist Mascara by Tarte
This is the only thing in this months box that I’m sort of excited for. I have been usingthis mascara under neath my Better Than Sex mascara and I’m enjoying the combination of these two mascaras together. This mascara does a great job at putting product at each lash and produces a nice amount of volume. I won’t be giving up on my Better Than Sex anytime soon though.

Blush Brush by Crown Brush
I love getting new brushes in my subscription boxes because then I rarely have to buy makeup brushes, which can be expensive. I don’t think that I would call this a blush brush I would use it more for contour or blending concealer because of the shape of this brush . I like using less dense brushes for blush. Crown brush are always soft and do a great job at blending out product.


I’m feeling kind of bummed about this months box. I always love these boxes so much and this is the first time in a while that I’ve been disappointed about a box. I feel like they let it slip so much this month. I know that they release limited boxes that were around $45 (you also got twice as much products than normal) that you could buy around Thanksgiving. I didn’t pick up one of these boxes, I would have like to see some of those brands in the December Box instead. For this to be the last box of year, I not super pleased at this point. I don’t like writing negative reviews but I wanted to share my final thoughts about this months box.


One thought on “December Boxy Charm

  1. I just posted my boxycharm post today too! I agree that this month’s box is a little more disappointing than others, but I actually really like the blush kit, lip product and mascara. I found 2/3 shades in the blush kit don’t actually come across very shimmery at all once applied. But then again, I don’t mind shimmer. I also really like the Pretty Vulgar lip product, but I can definitely see why people wouldn’t like it since dry down lipsticks are still the trend right now and are less fussy. I have dry lips, so dry down lip products don’t feel so comfortable for me.

    Hope next month’s box is better! I’ve seen one or two spoilers so far and it looks like we are getting another eyeshadow palette.


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