The Perfect Luggage Set


With the Holiday weekend upon us, comes lots of travel. Since we live across the country from our families we always travel home for the holidays. This year we are traveling home for New Years because of the way Josh’s holiday vacation worked out. Traveling during the holidays can be very stressful (we had quite the adventure last year with our flight being over sold and landing six hours later than we thought, oh my). The luggage that we had been traveling with was luggage that my parents got me when I was a teenager on year for Christmas.

This year Josh and knew that we wanted to update our luggage before we made the move to Europe in the Spring. Because we have lots of traveling planned while we live over seas, we wanted to update our luggage to something a bit more sophisticated. We spent many hours researching different types of luggage and trying to find what would be the perfect fit for us. We stumbled upon Away Luggage while scrolling though Instagram on day and immediately fell in love.


Once we found Away, Josh did what he does and scours the internet for every review that he could find. Almost every review is positive about this brand and everyone raves such much about this company. Since receiving our luggage we see why everyone loves this brand so much. This company has figure our the prefect way to create this luggage and included everything that you need in a suitcase. (They even include a laundry bag, which we never think about travel with.) Our two favorite things that we found out about this luggage is that you have a 100 day trail and if you don’t like it you can return it. Away also includes a lifetime warranty therefore if anything breaks you can send it back to them, the company will fix it and return it back to you. The only negative review that we could really find out about this luggage was that when you check you bag, the outer case scratches a bit. However, the scratches show up more on the lighter colors than darker. Thats how we decided on the color we did.


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While we have yet to travel with this luggage, we are both excited to take these bags on there first trip back home this next week. Norbert, our cat, even approves of the luggage; his opinion counts the most anyway right! For the luggage set that we picked, we opted for the set of three in blue in The Carry-On, The Medium, and The Large. Which can take up from a weekend get away to a two week travel period.


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