Bespoke Post Subscription


Josh discovered Bespoke Post browsing through the internet one day early last year. It’s a great subscription for the man in your life. They have a great variety of boxes from a barware, travel bags, to kitchen gadgets. The thinks that I love the most about this box is that you get to pick out what you’d like for that month and if you don’t see anything that you’d like you can skip that month. This is the main reason that Josh subscribed to this company. They offer such a great variety of quality items.


On the first of every month, Josh sits down and looks to see what Bespoke Post has to offer that month. Most of the time he asks me what I’d like, which is always very kind of him. We have collected many boxes over this past year from a yoga mat, a portable speaker, a weekender bag, and cold brew coffee maker. For the month of December Josh picked out a decanter set that included two glasses and a serving tray. Since we received this set it hasn’t left our dinning table. Josh has been on the hunt for decanters since we got married, we have never picked any up though. So when Josh saw that Bespoke Post had a decanter in their box, he snatched pretty quickly. While I’m not a whiskey drinker in the least bit. This set has been a lovely collection to our bar set.