Striped Trousers


Happy February! We have crossed off the first month of 2018. This past weekend Josh and I went to the Little Italy Farmers Market. We love to go and walk around get a cup of coffee from our favorite vender. Then walk along the water back to our apartment. Recently a Salt and Straw location opened up in Little Italy and we just had to try it, by the way its AMAZING. I’m already planning an excuse to go get more ice cream.


levi’s tee | levi’s jean jacket | target pants | converse shoes


I have been wanting to pick up a pair of trousers for a few months now. I just never got around to it. On a recent trip to Target I was browsing through the Who What Wear collection and discovered this pants. I immediately fell in love. These are some of the comfiest pants I’ve worn, they feel like you’re wearing leggings for the most part. I hadn’t brought any clothes from Target for a few years now because it seems like everything I buy, theres a seem that doesn’t want to stay straight. After wearing this pants for a day, they same thing started on these pants as well. I don’t know why this happens and it drives me crazy!! Anyways I think that I can look past it for the sake of these pants. Does this happen to anyone else?

Of course it’s not a complete outfit without wearing something from Levi’s (I have a problem, I know). Both the tee and the jean jacket are from Levi’s.


2 thoughts on “Striped Trousers

  1. Oh I hate when you buy something and the seams don’t want to sit right. Such a cute outfit love the combo of the striped pants and the denim jacket and the shoes 🙂


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