Off the Shoulders


Happy Thursday, one more day till the weekend! Although this week feels more like the weekend over here. Josh has three days off in the middle of the week and we have been taking full advantage of it. Yesterday we had one of the final steps in the move and applied for my Italian Visa. Once we get back my visa we just have the move and booking tickets. It’s crazy how fast the move is creeping up on us. While we are both sad to be leaving the beautiful city of San Diego which has been so good to us while we’ve been here. We both can’t wait to start exploring Europe. Neither one of us has visited before, it we great to go on this adventure together.


I have been wanting an off-the-shoulders top for most of last year, I just never found one that I liked. I recently picked up a few items from Madewell, which has quickly become my favorite shop. While I was there I picked up this top and I couldn’t love it more. I also picked up some Nippies and I may never wear a bra again. I know that I’m really late to this but guy!! If you don’t have some of these you need to get them asap. I know that pretty much every girl right now has been buying up Fishermans Hat. I’m one of them, it’s one of the few hats that I’ve bought and worn more the three times. As for this skirt I picked it up a few years ago at Express and it’s great for when I want a more professional look. It’s held up great over the years also!


madewell top | express skirt | brixton hat | j.crew shoes (old)


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