February Boxycharm


February Boxycharm is here!! I am so sad to say that this is my last Boxycharm for a while. (Only because we are moving overseas and they don’t ship to Europe.) Overall I’m fairly happy with this months box. Boxycharm changed up the products from what they normally give us, which makes me happy for the company. I will overall be missing this box every month once I see what they release every month. I have gotten so much makeup that I use in my everyday routine. Though I have hit a point where the more makeup I get, the more that I need more storage for my makeup. I have been go through and getting rid of makeup that I don’t really use in the meantime. If you aren’t aware about Boxycharm yet it is a $21 a month subscription and you always receive over $120 worth of product. Which is way I love this box so so much!


Pop-Up Palette Mini & Godet Blush by OFRA Cosmetics
I am a pretty big fan of OFRA, they make some so amazing makeup products. I don’t have a magnetic palette of this size, so I’m happy to have this along with the blush. For this month everyone either received these two products or the Naked Cosmetics Highlighter Palette. I don’t really own any loose products to fill this palette, but I do have so products that I can depot to fill this.

Simmer Veil by CoverFX
This is a beautiful product, however I don’t know how much use I will get out of it. This is the one product that I’m really loving in the box, I’m just not crazy about the color. CoverFX released six color for this product and the color that we received from Boxycharm is the only non-neutral color. When I first saw this product I thought that it was a highlighter product, however it’s more of a eye simmer product. Although you can use thing product however you want and I will be using for both my eyes and cheeks.

Smokey Eye Pencil by Vintage
Most of the time when I reach for an eyeliner, I’m reaching for a liquid liner to create a wing. I already have so many pencils that I don’t reach for. While this is a great eye liner, I won’t be reaching for it all that often. I wish that Boxycharm would include liquid liners more than pencils.

X-Faux Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator by PUR
This is a product that I have needed because my lips are always chapped. After using this I don’t think that it plumps your lips too much, which is perfectly fine with me. This exfoliator is also so much easier to use rather than something in a tub, plus it smells great too!

Trio Brush Set by Crown Pro
I have gotten a handful of Crown Pro products over the years being subscribed to Boxycharm and Ipsy and I’ve never been disappointed by their products. These brushes are so soft and you can never have too many brushes, right. I’m pretty excited about these brushes because I don’t have many in the shapes of theses. The smaller one is great for eyeshadow, similar shape to a MAC 217, which is one of my most used brushes. The medium is great for setting the under eyes or applying highlighter on the cheeks. The larger brush is great for applying blush or bronzer.


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