Weekend Links: 09


It’s the weekend! Josh and I are headed to Los Angeles today to visit Disneyland and some friends from college. You can follow along on our adventure on Instagram. Later next week we will be sharing more with what we did on our trip as well, so you can keep an eye out for that.

1. Did you catch this weeks travel guide to North Park, San Diego.

2. Black Panther was released this weekends, as if you needed me to tell you this. But guys, this is an amazing movie and Letitia Wright is the breakout actress. We can’t wait to watch her career grow, along with so many others in the cast.

3. Three day weekends are for shopping right? There are some many great President’s Day Sales going on right now.

4. There are some amazing trends for Kitchens in 2018.

5. I spend a bit more time watching YouTube than I’d like to admit, one of my recent favorites has been Peter McKinnon. He has such great photography and video tips for anyone that is starting out.

6. Barack and Michelle Obama had there Presidential Portraits unveiled this week and they are nothing short of amazing!

7. We have been ending our evenings each night this week with the Olympics and heres everything that you need to know about.

8. With New York Fashion Week being last week, there are some trends that we are all bound to see coming up.

9. Are you a Le Creuset fan, here is everything that you need to know about their cookware.

10. I’m going to leave you with 21 Facts about the History of Shampoo, which is well worth the read.