February Ipsy Bag

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How is there only a week left in February already? February gets me every year, I need those extra three days. One of my favorite things about getting Ipsy is all the travel size products. As you can see I have a jar full of products that I keep and use when I travel. Josh and I are going to be doing a lot of traveling this year, so hopefully I can go through most of the products. I always terrible in my daily routine to reach for these little guys. I usually just reach for whats on my counter and I need to start using these more often. But I also say this every month.

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Lychee + Gold Blush by Seraphine Botanicals
This blush is so beautiful. I’m not much of a blush wear, mainly because I naturally have rosy cheeks and don’t want to bring extra attention to them most days. However I have been applying blush a few times and week and this color is great for those other pale ladies out there. This blush does have some rose gold simmers in it to give yourself a natural glow.

Come Undone Makeup & Eye Remover by Hey Honey
Hey Honey makes some great products and I’ve never been disappointed by their skincare thus far. I have received several trail sizes from Ipsy over the past few years and this stands up to every other product that I that I’ve tried. I do make sure to follow up with micellar water everyday after I remove my makeup. Micellar water helps to remove an extra layer of makeup that you don’t know is there most of the time!

Mini Eye Pencil in Swiss Chocolate by Trestique
This is a product that I don’t think I will use all that often. It’s a great eyeliner, I just reach for solely black liquid eyeliners. However this is a great eyeliner for those of you that like  pencil eyeliners. Also this eyeliner is great for the lower water line, which I will use this product for from time to time.

Blending and Shading Brush 249 By Luxie Beauty
Luxie Beauty makes some of my favorite makeup brushes. I have gotten so many over the years being subscribed to Ipsy and Boxycharm. These are such great brushes and can blend every eyeshadow I own. This brush will great great for traveling too, which I have been stocking up on a bit.

Moisture Retaining Day Lotion by APTO Skincare
I don’t use facial lotions too often because I have made the switch to facial oils because my skin reacts to lotions weird sometimes. However I have tried this lotion a few times and my skin didn’t break out! Which is always a great thing and the lotion lays great under makeup. I haven’t heard or seen any other products before from this company and I’m going to have to try out some of their other products.

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