A Weekend in Los Angeles


Josh and I have been wanting to visit Los Angeles again for a few months now, we were just trying to find the right weekend. Josh had a long weekend coming up, so we decided to make the trip that weekend. We knew this was going to be our last trip to LA for a few years because we are moving away from California and I had a long list of things that I wanted to do while we were visiting. Of course we did about three of the fifteen things that I wanted to. But I knew that we going to happen because to the bigger items we had planned.


Our first stop was Disneyland! Josh and I had been wanting to go to Disneyland since we moved to San Diego two years ago. We just never found the right time. We had both been to Disney World since we grow up on the East Coast, each before we were together. I went when I was in middle school so I don’t remember it as much as Josh does. Josh visited not long after he graduated high school. I have been slightly disappointed by my LA theme park trips, mainly because I have visited all the parks in Orlando. In which there is so much more to do, mainly because they have so much more space in those parks. However Disneyland is wonderful and we had a great experience. I would love to visit California Adventure because everyone says that park is much better, but I know we won’t get a chance to visit before we move. Josh introduced me to Dole Whip, which I’m already wanted more of, it is some of the best soft serve I’ve every had! The food alone made Disneyland worth it for us, they were having some problems with there rides and part of the park was shut down for construction.


After a long wonderful day at Disneyland we headed out to get some pizza and beer (always needed after a long day), then head back to the Air BnB. We stayed at a cutest Air BnB about 15 minutes aways from Disneyland. After some much needed sleep, Josh and I gradually started making our way close to Los Angeles Hollywood area. Before we made our way to Hollywood, we stopped in Venice to get some brunch and do some thrift shopping. We found a great store that had so many wonderful clothing and they have locations all around the Los Angeles area.


Next we made our way to Hollywood. One of Josh’s old roommates from college works at Paramount Studios and offered us a tour while we were in town. We had driven by the Paramount Studios several times on our past visits to LA but had never been on the premises. It was pretty cool to learn about the history of the studios, see the grounds, and learn about the famous scenes that had been filmed around the property. We have several friends from college that have made the moved out to the LA area, so we spent the evening catching up with everyone that we hadn’t seen in a few years. We also ended up at the Star Wars bar Scum & Villainy Cantina in Hollywood, which was very cool and if you get a chance to check out we highly recommend it.


We made our last day in LA a shorter day, started off with breakfast at a diner then headed off to Griffith Park. Because we visited on President’s Day, the observatory itself was closed but the grounds were still open. On our last trip to LA, we had made plans to visit Griffith Park but we never got around to it. So we need to we needed to visit this time. Guys!! I’m sure most of you know already, but the views from here are beautiful. You can see almost all of LA from here. Of course, there a tons a hiking paths across the property as well, but we didn’t have the right footwear so we passed on that.


And that where our weekend in Los Angeles ended, followed by the drive back to San Diego. Which is one of the more beautiful drives I made. There is a decent stretch of The 5 that goes along the ocean, which is always a gorgeous view! Plus there’s an outlet mall that I always try to convince Josh to stop at!


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    1. It’s a lot of fun, but I would wait until after April. They are doing a lot of construction right now and most of Main Street is closed down. I wish we had time to check out California Adventures because I heard it’s better than Disneyland.


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