Artifact Skin Co.


Over the past few years I have been trying to take better care of my skin. I have been trying out several different products on my skin to figure out what works the best of me. One of the main reasons that I have been trying more skincare products than normal was because after moving out to San Diego my skin started to break out more than it ever had in my life. I would get to occasional breakout here or there. After living in San Diego my breakouts weren’t clearing up. Because of that I always had a few breakouts and many dark spots. This wasn’t something that I was used to so I started watching YouTube skincare routines and reading blogs to see what other people were trying out.


Over the span of a year I tried so many products, while they would help a bit. Nothing really cleared up my skin. This past year for my birthday my stepmom gifted me a huge skincare package. In that package were some products from Artifact Skin. I feel in love immediately! I first feel in love with the packaging of these products. After using them as well I feel more in love and was reaching for them over other products I had. I have found that after using charcoal and mud based products I have gotten the best results for clearing up my skin.


For the past few months I have been enjoying baths a bit more than I ever have. (I didn’t have bath tubs in the past several places I’ve lived.) I usually take a baths after a workout and I love soaking in epson salt and applying a few face masks. Before my workouts twice a month I apply the Glossy Main Hair Masque and I usually leave in it for over an hour. Then post work out I start running the water and apply a first mask of Amazonian Clay Mask. I love using this first because it pulls all the toxins out of your skin leaving it with a fresh clean feeling. After using the Amazonian Clay Mask, I follow up with the Glacial Coast Detox Masque. I can’t explain in words how much I love this product. I used to reach for a charcoal mask, but this products has replaced the charcoal masks I was using. For the most part I do this two step masking twice a week.


As for the hair masque, after I let it sit for an hour or so you rinse it out. My hair has never been so smooth after using a product. I love using hair masques because they are something that you can apply and let sit for anywhere to 30 minutes to all day if you want. I have started using more heat on my hair over the past six month and this masque really helps for keeping my hair becoming too damaged.