Countdown to Our Italian Move


Some of you may or may not know that Josh and I are moving to Italy in late April. This is something that Josh and I had talked about for the past two years and finally became reality this past summer. Something we don’t mention too often is that Josh is an IT in the Navy. He joined summer 2014 after graduation college to get his student loans paid off. We got married nine months later than shortly later moved to San Diego, where Josh was stationed. So that’s the short short as to how we got where we are today.


Josh and I always knew that we where going to travel to Europe after San Diego. Mainly due to we never took a honeymoon after out wedding because of the timing of our wedding and Josh having to move to San Diego before a deployment. This is where the conversation of Europe began. About a year out of your end of contract with the Navy you get the opportunity to look at orders, which are jobs that you essential apply for. You get to pick your top five and for us a Duty Station in Naples, Italy picked up Josh. Josh and I began a conversation as to whether we wanted to move to Naples. Of course there were too many positives to pass up this opportunity.


We found out in July of 2017 that we were going to officially move! Thus began the crazy countdown of an endless checklist that we had to complete. For the past six months we have been taking care of medical screenings, obtaining passports, check-ups for the cat, and applying for visas. Now that we have completed the majority of things on our check list, the last major thing is the move. We have just over a month left in the beautiful city of San Diego and we are trying to absorb every moment that this city has to offer. We have made ourselves a checklist of things we want to do before we leave because we don’t know when we will be able to visit again (but we will be back some day).


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So here we are early-March a month before we leave San Diego. After we leave San Diego we headed back to Tennessee for a few weeks to visit our families and friends during most of April. We don’t have much left on our check list, we are waiting for my visa to come back, get a final check up for the cat, and pack up the apartment.


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  1. So happy for you both.Watching Josh grow up into a fine young man,and then finding you, making his life complete,has been a joy to watch.I Always enjoy your pictures,they are so interesting,and beautiful.I hope you continue to share the joy and beauty of your surroundings.Much love to you both,from Diane Wolfe


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