Week in Links: 10


Happy weekend y’all! We are having a low key weekend over here because Josh is leaving for just over a week tomorrow. This week has been pretty slow for us, enjoying a bit more time relaxing and enjoying being home before we move. Now that we have hit March we officially have less than a month left in San Diego. We are still have so many things that we want to do in San Diego but we’re starting to run low on time now.

1. We are coming to an end to our time in San Diego and making a Countdown to Our Italian Move.

2. Will you be watching the Oscars, here’s a printable ballot to make your guesses of the winners.

3. The Oscars are changing things up this year and confirmed there’s no black dress code in support of the #timesup movement.

4. A new camera was released this week, The Canon M50  and it answered all of the content creators dreams.

5. We are always trying to do our best to reduce waste and there’s a new grocery store in Amsterdam that has an aisle that’s entirely plastic free.

6. Shop Bob is having their buy more, save more sale this weekend, what are you picking up.

7. We are always looking for better ways to organize the bathroom.

8. Taylor Swift accounted her opening acts for Reputation Tour and I wish we could attend!

9. Benefit Cosmetics is releasing their new blush palette next week and I can’t wait.

10. If you’re like us and love Ikea furniture but want to spruce it up a bit here’s five ways to make Ikea furniture look high end.