Fringe Jacket


There has been a long to-do list going on over here. Josh and I only have a few weeks left here in San Diego, so we are trying to get everything done. Monday morning started off with me at the IRS off, because my previous employer from last year never sent me my W2. Next on our list was arranging our move, which is not coordinated and we have a moving date! Which is one of the more important things that we were waiting on. Here’s to living out of suitcases for three months. We only have a few things left now, getting my  visa back so we can purchase tickets. However, we are almost there!


Spring weather is starting to hit here in San Diego. We had a few colder weeks and I wasn’t having it. I know most of the country was also experiencing this weather. But San Diego has spoiled me with 70 degree weather year round. Let’s talk about this jacket, as I mentioned yesterday I have trying to pick up more jackets. This is a jacket that I picked up at a garage sale a few weeks ago. This isn’t a style that I normally reach for, but I’ve been loving it so much! I’m trying to reach out of wearing jeans and tee everyday. While I still wear jeans everyday, I’m expanding my tops.


As for my pants, I’m wearing my ever trusting Levi 721! I have these jeans in about five different washes. It’s just one of those things that I’ve found a great pair of jeans and I don’t want to try anything else. This pair that I’m wearing here I cut to the bottom hem because I bought a pair that were 30 inches and me being 5’2″ they were wayyyyyy to long. I always roll up the bottom of my jeans, but I had been on the hunt for a frayed pair of denim. I couldn’t find anything that I was in love with, so why not create your own! Now these are the jeans that I reach for the most.


thrifted jacket (similar here and here) | dr2 top (similar here and here) | levis jeans | michael shannon shoes (similar here and here)