Three Years

Today is Josh and my three year wedding anniversary, so I thought that I would share part of our story with you. Josh and I met at art school in Nashville, Tennessee, Josh studied film with a concentration in cinematography and I studied photography. Josh graduated a year before me and after graduation joined The Navy. The last year and half while I was in school I was working on my senior thesis project. This isn’t something that we talk about very often, but so much of our lives changed in a year a half from when Josh left for boot camp and I moved out to San Diego. So here is my thesis project, from when Josh told me was thinking about joining the Navy, to Boot Camp, to IT A-School in Pensacola, Fl, ending on our wedding day. I wanted to share this because this was our first chapter with the Navy, and was we embark on another move with the Navy, this time to Naples, Italy. I wanted to share where this story started.

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This is how we started sharing our lives, now we have this blog where we show what we do on a more day to day. If you want a more in-depth store about our lives during this time and I’ll be more than happy to write something up.

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