Living Room Inspiration


Happy Friday, thought that we’d share a little living room inspiration with you! If you don’t know already, Josh and I are in the middle of a big move. We moved out of our apartment in San Diego at the end of April and won’t move into a new place until mid June (hopefully!). We went house hunting this past weekend and found place that we love. However with the way that renting a house with the military in Naples, it’s about a month long process afterward until you can move in. After we got back from house hunting, Josh and I spent most of the weekend on our computers searching though Pinterest for many hours figuring out how we wanted to arrange our new house. I even went to as far as to download SketchUp and create a drawing our how I want to layout the house (I should also mention I come from a long line of architects and grew up around more blueprints than I could count).

livingroom-12Living Room Inspo

We kept most of our furniture from our previous apartment, so we won’t be buying too much. I’ve always loved interior design, I remember while I was in middle school I spent too many weekends watching Trading Spaces. One of my favorite parts of moving is getting the chance to decorate a new space. Our new space is bigger than our previous apartment, we are going from a studio apartment to a two bedroom, two bath with a mother-in-law suite downstairs. Therefore we are still working out what pieces we want to put in which room. While we have a pretty good idea of how we want to layout our new space, I know we won’t work it out completely until after we move in. We are still both so excited to move into a new house and start decorating.

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