Dining Room Inspiration


Josh and I are getting closer to moving into our new house. However, the one thing that we are missing is a dining room set. Before we left San Diego we got rid of our previous set because it was a high top and bar stools. Anytime I would sit at our previous table, my back would start hurting after about an hour (because I have bad back posture the long I would sit at the table). Therefore Josh and I decided to get rid of our old dining set and get a new one once we moved into a new house that would fit the style of house that we moved it.

We have been going to back and forth as to what style of table we want, it’s such a hard decision. I am leaning more towards a round white table and Josh a wood toned table. The main living space in our new house is small combined living/ dining space will be in the same room. Therefore we need a bit of a smaller dining table that can sit in a corner. If you saw our Living Room Inspiration post, then you can see the wood tones that we are working with in our space. Josh and I combined have spent way to much time not he computer looking at dining set trying to figure out what we want to get.


There ares so many great choices our there for dining room sets. It’s so hard to decide what to go with. However, I think Josh and I have narrowed it down a bit, maybe. Of course we also want to check our some local thrift stores to see if we can find an Italian dining table and chairs. We are open to getting something online as well. Below are some of my current favorites online. Right now we are just looking at tables and chairs, but I also want to add some more to the space. Of course we will pick up a rug, a bar cart, and accessories for the space. Those items we will pick up gradually over the summer and I will share more once we start to get into the space.


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