A Day in Herculaneum


Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! Josh and I have been wanting to explore a bit more of Naples so we took part of the weekend and made the trip over to Herculaneum. If you aren’t familiar with Herculaneum, it’s very similar to Pompeii. On a much smaller scale, this city was also destroyed by the ash Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Unlike Pompeii which was destroyed by the volcanic lava, Herculaneum was destroyed by mud flow and ash from the volcano. Because the city was destroyed by mud flow and ash, much of the organic material such as wood and other structures were preserved. Which you can still see today.


Of course Herculaneum is loaded with a rich Roman history all of which you can read about online. There are still several murals from before the evacuation that are amazing to see in person. If you ever find yourself here, check out a guided tour because you get a richer history than what you can read in the pamphlet. Josh and I walked around ourselves, but overhead several of the tour guides. Which were full of amazing history about each building.


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