Bedroom Inspiration


Josh and I are getting closer to moving into our house and out of the hotel. Hopefully we will be moving in next weekend if everything goes smoothly before that. I have been spending way to much time on Pinterest these days. We are both so ready to get into our place, start unboxing and decoding (my favorite part). While we have most of the basics that we need, we are going from a 750 square foot studio apartment to a three bedroom- three bathroom house. Therefore we are going to need some more furniture, which I couldn’t be more excited about! Most of the furniture that we currently own fits within the Mid-Century category, however I want to add a bit of a boho accents within our house. Don’t forget to check out our Living Room and Dining Room inspiration too!


For the past five years I have been living in a studio apartment, so moving to a house with more than two rooms is still weird to me. Our previous apartment in San Diego the bedroom and living area were separated by a half wall that had the closet one side and the kitchen on the other. It felt more like a one bedroom, there just wasn’t a door to the bedroom area. In our new house we will have two bedroom on the main living floor, the bedroom and the office. Since we are living in Italy, there aren’t any closet, so we are going to take the second bedroom and turn it into a closet/office. I am leaning towards having a clothes rack in the bedroom to keep some of our clothes.


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