Week in Links: 15


Happy weekend! Josh and I are going be taking in slow this weekend because hopefully by next weekend we will be moving into our house. We just passed 45 days in our hotel room and are ready to get settled into our house so that we can start exploring more of the Naples area. We have been spending much of our weekends at the pool the past few weeks.Why not, when it’s just a short walk and free! I have forgotten how much I love spending hours around the pool, my sister and I are spent so much of our summers around pool, lakes, and water parks growing up. Plus having a bit of a tan is nice.

1. Did you check out Our Summer Travel List in Naples, we have a list ready of places we want to check out during our first summer here.

2. For the weekend I decided to add a little Rose Gold color to my hair, I’ve used this product before and I love it so much.

3. With summer weather in full spring, it’s time to bring out the SPF and here’s some of best sun protection for your hair.

4. If you are into videography at all, DJI announced their new Ronin-S gimbal and it looks amazing.

5. With using getting ready to move, we will be making quite the IKEA cart and here are some of Interior Designer Ikea Recommendations.

6. ASOS is having a 50% off sale right now, Josh and I made quite the little order earlier this week.

7. We are making a long list of places to visit while we’re living in Europe and this is a great list for the European Travel.

8. Target and Who What Wear dropped their summer collection and I want to add one of everything in my cart right now! (PS thank goodness for FPO PO Boxes because I didn’t know how I was going to live three years with our Target in my life.)

9. The Fab 5 is coming back soon and the trailer is giving me all the feels, June 15 can’t come soon enough.

10. With us both being lovers of food and travel, Anthony Bourdain‘s passing hit us hard. We’ve followed Tony for years now and have been huge fans of Parts Unknown. He was not only a revolutionary in the field of dining and travel, but a kind, deep soul who stressed not just traveling the world, but connecting to the people who lived in the places you visited by experiencing their food, their culture, and their stories. He will be sorely missed.