Beach Favorites for Her & Him

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Josh and I have lived in ‘beach cities’ for the past few years. Before moving to Naples, Italy two months ago we lived in San Diego for two and a half years. While we were living in San Diego we never took advantage of the beaches and pools like we have here in Naples. The main reason for this is because the ocean water in San Diego is COLD! Josh and I both grew up in Tennessee, so when we visited beaches we were used to that warm Florida water. Because I was so used to warm ocean water, spending a day in the cold San Diego water just wasn’t for me. However, now that we are back to warm water here in Naples, I can’t wait to spend so many weekends at the different beaches around the Naples area.

Because we never really took full advantage of the beaches and pools in San Diego, most of my swim wear is from my earlier twenties. Since Josh and I have plan on talking full advantage of the beaches this summer, we know that we needed to stock up on new swim and beach wear.


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