A Mini Update from Italy


Happy Friday, its been a little crazy over here recently. On the plus side Josh and I have moved into our little house in Naples and couldn’t be more happy about it. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, we had to change hotels at the last minute, a week before we moved in. Then, the past week has been full of moving and boxing. Luckily, we have everything out of boxes and almost everything has a home.


Since we have been in the middle of a move, I have been wearing gym clothes almost every day. Between working on the house and not having a car, it’s just too easy to throw on something comfortable and not have to worry about dirtying up nicer clothes. Because of this, I’m really enjoying the days when I have an excuse to throw some real clothes on, likes these shorts and this shirt from Bershka, which is a store that I’ve never seen back in the states but LOVE. Super cute styles for great prices.


bershka shirt | forever 21 shorts (similar and similar)


4 thoughts on “A Mini Update from Italy

  1. It looks so warm there. I’m so envious, we’re in the heart of winter now and I’m dying.


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