Sharing Some Exciting News!!!


Sant’Angelo, Ischia

I’m so excited to share some amazing news with ya’ll!! I have opened up a Society 6 page to shop my photography! As you may or may not know, I have Photography Degree and I’m so excited to start selling some of my photography again! Photography has been my first love for over a decade now, I love being able to look back at all the memories. I have been wanting to share more of my photography, however I didn’t know the best way to go about it. During the mid summer, Josh and I were looking for some new art for our house and stumbled across Society 6. They have such a great selection of artwork (they sell pillows, mugs among many other products!) for every household. I’d love it if you could support my page anyways possible, whether it’s purchasing an image or just giving the images some love.

I’ve included on this post some of the images that are currently up, there are more on my page as well! Hope you enjoy the images and let me know what is your favorite print!




Grand Canyon


Roman Apartments


Fuchsia Garden


San Diego Coast


Siena, Tuscany


Joshua Tree


Summer Tide

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