Bedroom Inspiration


Josh and I are getting closer to moving into our house and out of the hotel. Hopefully we will be moving in next weekend if everything goes smoothly before that. I have been spending way to much time on Pinterest these days. We are both so ready to get into our place, start unboxing and decoding (my favorite part). While we have most of the basics that we need, we are going from a 750 square foot studio apartment to a three bedroom- three bathroom house. Therefore we are going to need some more furniture, which I couldn’t be more excited about! Most of the furniture that we currently own fits within the Mid-Century category, however I want to add a bit of a boho accents within our house. Don’t forget to check out our Living Room and Dining Room inspiration too!


For the past five years I have been living in a studio apartment, so moving to a house with more than two rooms is still weird to me. Our previous apartment in San Diego the bedroom and living area were separated by a half wall that had the closet one side and the kitchen on the other. It felt more like a one bedroom, there just wasn’t a door to the bedroom area. In our new house we will have two bedroom on the main living floor, the bedroom and the office. Since we are living in Italy, there aren’t any closet, so we are going to take the second bedroom and turn it into a closet/office. I am leaning towards having a clothes rack in the bedroom to keep some of our clothes.


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Dining Room Inspiration


Josh and I are getting closer to moving into our new house. However, the one thing that we are missing is a dining room set. Before we left San Diego we got rid of our previous set because it was a high top and bar stools. Anytime I would sit at our previous table, my back would start hurting after about an hour (because I have bad back posture the long I would sit at the table). Therefore Josh and I decided to get rid of our old dining set and get a new one once we moved into a new house that would fit the style of house that we moved it.

We have been going to back and forth as to what style of table we want, it’s such a hard decision. I am leaning more towards a round white table and Josh a wood toned table. The main living space in our new house is small combined living/ dining space will be in the same room. Therefore we need a bit of a smaller dining table that can sit in a corner. If you saw our Living Room Inspiration post, then you can see the wood tones that we are working with in our space. Josh and I combined have spent way to much time not he computer looking at dining set trying to figure out what we want to get.


There ares so many great choices our there for dining room sets. It’s so hard to decide what to go with. However, I think Josh and I have narrowed it down a bit, maybe. Of course we also want to check our some local thrift stores to see if we can find an Italian dining table and chairs. We are open to getting something online as well. Below are some of my current favorites online. Right now we are just looking at tables and chairs, but I also want to add some more to the space. Of course we will pick up a rug, a bar cart, and accessories for the space. Those items we will pick up gradually over the summer and I will share more once we start to get into the space.


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Living Room Inspiration


Happy Friday, thought that we’d share a little living room inspiration with you! If you don’t know already, Josh and I are in the middle of a big move. We moved out of our apartment in San Diego at the end of April and won’t move into a new place until mid June (hopefully!). We went house hunting this past weekend and found place that we love. However with the way that renting a house with the military in Naples, it’s about a month long process afterward until you can move in. After we got back from house hunting, Josh and I spent most of the weekend on our computers searching though Pinterest for many hours figuring out how we wanted to arrange our new house. I even went to as far as to download SketchUp and create a drawing our how I want to layout the house (I should also mention I come from a long line of architects and grew up around more blueprints than I could count).

livingroom-12Living Room Inspo

We kept most of our furniture from our previous apartment, so we won’t be buying too much. I’ve always loved interior design, I remember while I was in middle school I spent too many weekends watching Trading Spaces. One of my favorite parts of moving is getting the chance to decorate a new space. Our new space is bigger than our previous apartment, we are going from a studio apartment to a two bedroom, two bath with a mother-in-law suite downstairs. Therefore we are still working out what pieces we want to put in which room. While we have a pretty good idea of how we want to layout our new space, I know we won’t work it out completely until after we move in. We are still both so excited to move into a new house and start decorating.

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If you want to see how we previously laid out our living room, check out this post.


Snippets of Our Home


If you’ve been following along on the blog for a bit now, you may know that my husband, Josh, and I moved from San Diego, California to Naples, Italy back in April.  After living out of suitcases in multiple hotels for a couple months, we moved into our house in late June and have been working hard on unpacking and decorating ever since. We still have so many things to do, as moving into a new house goes,  and living in a foreign country where you are still learning the language and culture adds another layer of complexity! We have been on a bit of slow pace when it comes to decorating and do a little every month, but we are so happy with how everything is coming together. So here are some little corners of our house thus far. The main thing that is missing in our little house is house plants! Also, if you want to check out some inspiration that we had before decorating, check out these posts!


ikea table | ikea chair | ceramic cacti | pink vase | faux fur | framed print | ikea book case | table legs


target bar cart | silver cups | decanter set


crate and barrel coffee table (similar) | crate and barrel rug | ikea basket | Van Gogh book | target frames | bath and body works candle


Andy Warhol ‘Sam’ cat print | ikea plant and planter | knoxville block


west elm linen quilt | colored quilt (made by my grandmother) | west elm dresser | gold frame |white frame


target console | thrifted mirror (similar) | basket (similar) | ikea bench | wall rack | canvas bag | dooney and burke purse (vintage) | brixton hat | madewell scarf | asos purse (similar) | round mirror | kate spade purse


shoe rack | frames | acrylic container | lipstick holder


ikea shelf | kinfolk magazine | fitzgerald books | faux trailing succulent | mirrored vase (similar)

Fall Transitions


Now that we are half way through September, I have started thinking about Fall a bit more. The mornings are getting a little colder (which I love and have missed) and while I’m not giving up on summer weather quite yet, I am pretty excited for fall! This is the first year in about three years that Josh and I will to experience a full Fall because living in San Diego the weather stays very summery until mid-November. I have started to put together an inspiration pile of clothing that I’m loving for the coming months and thought that I’d share what I’m into with you. For the past few months, our main focus has been on decorating our house and picking up some furniture needs to complete our house. While we have gotten most of the decoration done, I am putting a bit more focus on fashion after having spent the better part of this sweltering summer in gym shorts and tank tops, just trying to keep cool. Are you guys excited for fall styles? What pieces are you eyeing this season?!


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Week in Links: 16



Happy Sunday, as you may know, Josh and I moved into our house just over a month ago. Things are finally starting to settle down after the move. Most of weekends have been full up trips to stores to pick up new furniture and other odds and ends. We moved from a small studio apartment to a smaller three bedroom house. While we still have some spaces to fill, plants to buy (we don’t have any house plants yet and it’s feels so weird), and a bit more furniture to get, it’s started to feel more like home. I have loved interior design since I was a kid and spent a lot of time on Pinterest before we moved in.

1. We shared the first part of our trip outside of Naples, when we visited Siena, Italy for a few days. Did you catch that post?

2. Shane Dawson started his five part series with Jeffree Star this week and I can’t get enough.

3. My sister recommended the podcast BiggerPockets Money to Josh and I. We have been catching up on all their older podcast recently.

4. Mid-Century Modern furniture has always been some of our favorite, and what we lean toward in decorating our house, so these living rooms are giving us some great inspiration.

5. There are only a few days left on for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, have you picked anything up this year?

6. Partick Stewart is going to reprise his role as Capitan Picard in a new Star Trek series, Josh is very excited.

7. Khloe Kardashian’s clothing line, Good American, announced their size-inclusive active line collection and everything looks amazing.

8. I have been on a skincare journey for the past two years are so, these BHA products are some of the best at Sephora and I whole hearted agree.

9.  Josh and I have started planning out our travels for the next year and house paints inspired by travel locals is such a great idea.

10. Lush launched a new line of products and I’m so excited to start trying these bath products out.

Week in Links: 12


Happy Sunday! Josh and I are spending the weekend outside. One- because it’s a beautiful weekend and two- it’s our last full weekend in San Diego before the move this coming week. We have the next four days planned out for what we need to pack and errands we need to run before the movers come. So it’s nice to have a relaxing weekend and enjoy these last few days here. Yesterday we went to Regent’s Pizzeria in La Jolla for lunch, and it was one of the best pizzas that we’ve had in San Diego.

1. Last week Josh and I celebrated our Three Years wedding anniversary, a year and half before we got married I photographed our story and shared it as my senior thesis.

2. While we didn’t join in the march yesterday, we joined in spirit, Time Magazine shared a beautiful story with the Parkland Teens.

3. With Spring officially here, I can’t wait to try all of these Fresh Spring Cocktails.

4. The Little Market launch new handmade woven baskets this week and I’m in love with each one of them.

5. In need of some spring style inspiration, here’s 50 Spring Outfit Ideas.

6. Emma Gonzalez, a Parkland Teen, gave such a powerful speech in DC for March for Our Lives.

7. CVS started carrying some K-Beauty products and I’m already add all of them to my online cart.

8. Black Panther has officially become the highest grossing superhero movie.

9. Kim Kardashian launched her concealers this week, are you going to pick them up?

10. Wes Anderson’s new film Isle of Dogs hit theaters this weekend and we can’t wait to see it.

Week in Links: 11

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This week as been full of getting ready for our move, we have three weeks left in San Diego before we head to Tennessee for a few weeks. Then we’re off to Naples, which I don’t know if I can still wrap my head around. I started off the week at the IRS, trying to get my W2 (my employer from last year didn’t give me mine and it’s been a process to try at receive it) and another part of the week spending time planning everything with the movers. We don’t have much left to plan, which makes me happy because the list that we started off with was soooo long.

1. Did you catch my review on Kristin Ess Hair products.

2. The Handmaid’s Tale released a teaser for Season 2 and Josh and I can’t wait for the season to be released!

3. With A Wrinkle in Time coming out this week, here’s a great post on what for black women heroes.

4. There’s nothing better than a easy healthy crock pot recipe.

5. Madewell is having 15% off this weekend for there Insiders, all you have to do is sign up.

6. Colour Pop released their Butterfly-Themed spring collection and I’m loving everything.

7. I know that everyone was talking about this weeks The Bachelor episode, I even tuned in for Monday & Tuesdays episode and I haven’t watched The Bachelor since I moved out of my parents house.

8. Are you starting your spring cleaning soon, here’s some great decluttering tips.

9. We’ve spent a decent amount of time looking at Italian apartments and these chic apartments are getting us more excited for the move next month.

10. With us moving so soon, I’m always looking at inspiration for decorating and I’m loving this clever shoe storage ideas.

A Week in Links: 04


Happy Sunday, two more weekend till Christmas!! It’s crazy to think that we are this close the end of the year. There’s still so much to get done before Christmas, we still have all of our family holiday presents to buy (we should get on that). This weekend we have been taking it easy, this evening we are going to be watching holiday movies and sipping on homemade Glogg!


1. Did you see yesterdays post, Date Night for the Holidays we shared what our holiday check list of activities.

2. If you have been following along on Net Neutrality, you may know the House has a bill up and we all need to take action and stop this bill. John Oliver set up a easy way to find the link-

3. Still looking for so inspiration on some home decor, here’s some great images.

4. Madewell launched a collaboration with Milk Bar and they have some of cutest T-Shirts.

5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

6. Josh and I have gotten back in the routine of working out, we try to do yoga about three times a week in-between work outs at the gym. Here’s a great way to release tight shoulders (which I very much have).

7. Kim Kardashian and Laverne Cox released a teaser for their new slow Glam Masters, which has the same layout as Project Runway.

8. In the mood for a new read, Planet eBook has a list of public domain books for your eReader for FREE. So you catch up on all the classics.

9. Ikea and Sonos partnered up for a home sound system, while they haven’t released what’s in the works we all know it will be amazing.

10. The Atlantic released their Year in Photos for 2017, there are some beautiful photographs in this collection.


OOTD: Fall Kimono

Happy Tuesday all! We’re ready to get this week started, mostly because it’s my birthday this week! It’s been a big year, full of changes. For those of you who don’t know, Josh is in the Navy and was on deployment most of last year. I moved here in December to meet him when he got back. Because of his job, Josh doesn’t always have a ‘regular’ schedule, but we have taken as much time as possible to explore San Diego County and the surrounding area.

I’ve always been really into fashion and makeup, but during my last year in college I started trying to experiment, be a bit more adventurous with my outfits and not just wear fitted tees and jeans every day (although I still wear jeans 90% of the time.) Living in downtown San Diego, we daily get to see all kinds of street style for inspiration. Its become a morning ritual, just really trying to make a conscious effort into my hair, makeup, and outfit.



During our last visit to LA, we wandered onto this really cool store called Buffalo Exchange. We later discovered that it’s a chain (in 19 states!), but it’s still pretty great. They sell gently used and sometimes completely new fashion for men and women. They carried and lot a really great designer brands at the best prices I’ve ever seen. When we got home, we did a quick Google search and found out that there was a location in Hillcrest, just a few miles from us.

I love shopping at thrift stores, because it’s a great way to find something unique and affordable than buying brand new in the store. However, a lot of thrift stores aren’t very well curated and fit/quality can be hit or miss. This is what I love about Buffalo Exchange, while you’re not going to get the prices for the rare treasure you can find at a Goodwill or Salvation Army, you’re much more likely to find some really great pieces and they are going to be in great shape and have much better fitting options.

Since the move to San Diego, I still haven’t had a chance to transition my wardrobe from Tennessee’s constantly hot/cold falls. So as part of my birthday (it somehow has become this multi-day thing) we made a trip up to Hillcrest to do a bit of clothes shopping to get through San Diego’s version of fall/winter.

This kimono is something that I fell in love with almost immediately. It gives you a bit of coverage, but is still super light, which makes it a great transitional piece for these fall days in sunny Southern California. (We’re lucky to drop into the 60’s at night.)

I tried to find some more info on this piece, but all I was able to find were ‘sold out’ links on Urban Outfitters, which seems to be where it was originally sold from. However, I did look at all the other clothes that Urban has from this company, Kimchi Blue, and it is all solid fall clothing that I would love to have in my closet.


For this look, I paired the Kimchi Blue Kimono with a Zara grey tank top and light blue 711 skinny jeans from Levi’s. To bring this look a bit more into the fall, I paired it with OFRA liquid lip Havana Nights from KathleenLights.